About Me

I am a professional musician. I can play several musical instruments. In particular, I play guitar about 15 years. I always liked to play different melodies on 6-string guitar. Playing guitar always brings me great joy.


When I was just starting to play guitar, I did not have an individual teacher, so I just took some tutorial and studied it, trying to understand what things like size and rhythm are. Tutorial is good, but it is still desirable to have a good teacher.

How I learned playing guitar

My passion for the guitar began when I started listening to Russian rock music, especially «DDT» and «Kino» bands.  At that time I decided to learn guitar. The learning was difficult. At first I could not get even the most basic chords. My teacher told me later that he did not believe that I would ever start playing guitar.  Then I learned the chords and started to try playing and singing at the same time. My singing was not too good either. I could not sing along with a tune, singing somewhere near it. Musicians jokingly call such performance «going through the neighbors» =).

But I did not want to give up.  I kept trying. I had a lot of questions. My teacher could not answer many of these questions. I found another teacher, then another one, but still wanted more.  I felt the lack of knowledge and always wanted more. Then I decided to start learning professionally…

And I did not stop until I learned all that I wanted =)

Maybe some of you will find my story inspiring. You may have tried to learn guitar, but failed it or didn’t have any results after a long time. You may be even told that you would never make it. Do not give up! Go ahead no matter what! Patience, diligence and desire will to their job!

Who is my website for?

My website is for beginners and for experienced guitarists, for those who just love music, for those who would like to play a beautiful melody or a popular song to their friends — and have everybody crying with emotion and performing a standing ovation!

Here you can find guitar sheet music for popular songs and compositions in my interpretation. Click here to download guitar tabs. I hope you will enjoy my work, and I will please you with new transcriptions of popular songs for a long time!

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