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My name is Pavel Starkoshevsky. Welcome to my website! I want to invite you to the wonderful world of acoustic guitar.
All tabs for guitar here are my own interpretations of modern russian and foreign popular songs in fingerstyle.


Full list of guitar tablature here

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What are tabs for guitar and how to play them:

  1. Tabs for guitar allow you to play guitar in the case if you do not know musical notation. You do not need to have musical education! You can learn to play tabs for just a few minutes!
  2. Tabs for guitar help to analyze guitar sheet music, to clarify fingering and to understand which string on which fret should be used. All guitar sheet music that I write has appropriate tabs that are written just under the sheet music.
  3. You can also use a special software to work with tabs – Guitar Pro.   It allows play tabs, change tempo, cycle tabs and perform all the actions that will help you analyze your favorite tracks.

The archive that you get includes: A guitar tab in 3 formats (pdf, tiff and gp5 (Guitar Pro 5 file format)), guitar sheet music (pdf, tiff).

If you want to learn to play music that you like, guitar tabs for popular songs are just what you need! You are watching guitar video, referring to the guitar sheet music or guitar tab and just repeat after me. It is easy!

Advantages over other methods of learning to play guitar:
— This method is very interesting and entertaining;
— It is an affordable way to learn your favorite tunes and to learn musical notation.
— It is a perfect addition to your training with music teacher.

— You can learn to play your favorite songs on guitar;
— You can develop your fingerstyle playing skills;
— You can please your family members and friends.

Learn your guitar in a brand new way!

Try for free
You can try one of the songs for free. If you like it, you can purchase some other songs. Download tabs here → guitar sheet music and tabs and watch video → here.



Finger style guitar opens wide possibilities of acoustic guitar. Each of fingers is independent and performs its own role. It is a sophisticated technique that allows to play both melody and accompaniment at the same time, which makes a listener think that he hears several musical instruments, and not just one.

This style is originated in the late XIX – early XX century, when black blues guitarists started to imitate piano ragtimes that were popular at that time. The style was both pretty interesting and challenging, the thumb played the role of the left hand when playing on the piano, and the rest of the fingers corresponded to the right hand.

Fingerstyle was used on a nylon (classical) guitar, because playing classical guitar required using a variety of finger techniques. Therefore the current fingerstyle has obvious similarities with playing classical guitar. When using fingerstyle guitarists often use fingerpicks, special mediators, that are put on the fingers, something like artificial nails. This technique is mainly used in bluegrass and country music. Fingerstyle has incorporated a huge number of guitar techniques: tapping, slap, legato, harmonics, hitting the strings and guitar body, the use of «dead» notes etc. Every professional musician has his own set of playing techniques.

I use a simplified version of this style, that is easy to learn for anyone who wants to play his favorite songs on 6-string guitar.

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